WinRAM-Booster Professional 2001 v1.10


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WinRAM-Booster Professional 2001 is an utility to optimize the memory management and performance of your PC under Windows 98, Windows Me and Windows 2000. You can optimize the memory of your PC just by one mouseclick (or automatically). The program does also inlude a Cache Optimization feature optimizing the virtual memory management of Windows.
As a new feature of version 2001, a file alignment utility was added offering a graphical user interface for the Windows Alignment application WAlign (only available on Windows 98 and Me

WinRAM-Booster Pro 2001 is a Windows memory and performance optimizer coming with several memory monitors and a File/Disk cache optimizer. Use WinRAM-Booster Pro 2001 to reorganize your physical RAM and set lots of your physical RAM free again. WinRAM-Booster Pro 2001 makes it easy to set lots of MB free if the system gets slower and slower because of lots of loaded apps / games. As a side-effect WinRAM-Booster Pro 2001 will protect your system from "Blue Screen" errors and system crashes.