World of Warcraft - WoW Cleaner v1.1.2


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WDB Cleaning:

WDB Cleaning allows the user to clean and backup .WDB files from WoW Cleaner with a click, instead of the user having to go through the World of Warcraft folder deleting them manually.

With WDB Cleaning options it's easy to clean and backup corrupt .WDB files located in the World of Warcraft WDB folder. There is a status window on WoW Cleaner, that shows the user more detailed operating information that it puts out.

UI Cleaning:

UI Cleaning allows the user to clean and backup Interface/WTF folders with a click. The user won't even need to go back and access the World of Warcraft directory for any folder deleting. UI Cleaning options built right into WoW Cleaner will make the job easier, and more sufficient. Backing up the Interface/WTF folders can be useful, if the user cleans the Interface folder within WoW Cleaner, then decides to keep a mod. The user can easily direct to the selected directory to access the Interface/WTF folders for safe keeping. This can be done by using the Backup UI or Backup WTF options.

WTF folder holds all Interface/User configurations, at times this folder may need to be cleaned for corruption or after uninstalling a UI or AddOn. The user can simply click Clean WTF option, select the folder, to completely clean the WTF folder out with no traces of old or corrupt files/folders.

UI Cleaning options have a status window on the bottom, the WDB Cleaning status window is located on top. A good tip is to always watch these windows as you clean or backup, they show you more detailed information on how WoW Cleaner is operating.