WoW: UIBackup


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This is an easy-to-use backup utility that allows you to make snapshots of:
- Your entire collection of installed addons, and all settings
- All WoW game settings, global and character addon settings
- All variables and settings per-Account or per-Character

The backup is created as a self-extracting Windows(tm) installer. This backup snapshot is saved to a pre-defined folder that you can change(defaults to desktop).

Also included is a utility that allows you to wipe clean your WoW installation, as if you have a fresh install.

Once installed, the main utility(UIBackup) will appear on your desktop and the shortcuts to the individual utilities will appear under your Start Menu's World of Warcraft folder. There is an included uninstaller should you decide not to use the utility in the future.

The Seven Applications:
UIBackup :: Performs a full backup of all current WoW addons and all settings
UIBackup - Accounts :: Performs a backup of all settings and variables for each account
UIBackup - Addons :: Performs a backup of all current WoW Addons
UIBackup - Chars :: Performs a backup of all variable and settings per-account
UIBackup - Settings :: Performs a backup of both character and global settings (entire WTF folder)
UIBackup - SetSaveDirectory :: Allows you to set your default UIBackup save directory
UIWipe :: Removes All Addons, Addon Settings, and Global Settings; Gives you a fresh install of WoW

1. Run UIBackup, UIBackup-Addons, UIBackup-Accounts, UIBackup-Chars, UIBackup-Settings, or from the Start Menu
2. A dated self-extracting Windows(tm) installer will appear in your default save folder(defaults to desktop).

1. Double-Click on the dated self-extracting installer that you created previously
2. UIRestore will automatically make a backup of your current information before restoring the snapshot.

1. Just perform a backup, and select your destination folder. This automatically sets your default save folder.

1. Run UIBackup-SetSaveDirectory from the Start Menu folder
2. Browse to the location you wish to save the UIRestore files to

1. Double-Click on the UIWipe shortcut in your Start Menu
2. Click Next, and then Close; That's it!