XP Visual Tools


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XP Visual Tools brings fresh air in Windows programming style, using dynamic effects and powerful multimedia elements for a new user interface eXPerience. It's not just another skinable program, it's even more. XP Visual Tools brings you completely new interface with each new skin, new animations, music effects and total support for the visual features in Windows XP such as transparency, drop shadow and XP visual style.

Finally a complete suite of Windows XP desktop enhancement, XP Visual Tools is loaded with all you need to tweak your Windows XP Desktop. These are XP Visual Tools features organized by section for an easy navigation:

- XP Transparency
is the first magic utility from XP Visual Tools pack, witch takes advantage of the new features included in Windows XP. Now you can reveal all that is hidden behind the Taskbar and Start Menu, by applying the desired level of transparency to that ones.

- XP Visual Style
is a great option for making your old Windows Programs look great. It's easy and safe to use, it doesn't modify in one or other way the processed file.

- XP Logon
gives you the opportunity to use multiple Logon's screens for Windows XP and automatically swapping between them at specified interval. You can even preview your LogonUI screens before selecting the one you want. XP Visual Tools maintains a list of preferred logon's and sort them in alphabetic order or randomly by title.

- XP Wallpaper
offers you a total and complete solution to manage all your wallpaper collections and automatically swap between them at specified intervals. Your favourite wallpapers list can be sorted in alphabetical order or randomly by title and you can preview any file before using it. It's as easy as can be to add a new file to favourites list by drag & drop them from windows explorer.

XP Visual Tools remains user friendly and easy to use even if it's so powerful!