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Last Updated: April 29, 2017 - 8:23am
System information
AMD AM3+ FX 8320 @ 4.52Ghz (STABLE! 25Min-55Max C)
Video card(s): 
XFX Double D Radeon R9 290X 4GB (1Ghz Core-512-bit) GDDR5 *** New Pics added
8GB G-Skill Sniper 1866Mhz (2x4GB)
Windows 10 x64
GA-990FXA-UD3 (rev. 3.0)
Hard drive(s): 
Samsung 840 128GB SSD
OCZ Vertex PLus 240GB SSD
Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM 64MB Cache 2TB x2
WD Passport USB 3.0 1TB
Seagate Go Flex USB 3.0 1TB
Media drive(s): 
LG Bluray BD-RE
VIZIO 42" HDTV (3D TV) @ 120hz
Sound card: 
Onboard Realtek HD 7.1 Surround
Cooler Master HAF-XB EVO
Power supply: 
Rosewill 850W (80+ Bronze)
Cooling system: 
Corsair Hydro H55 (quiet series)
Brand & model: 
Custom Cooler Master 8 core Beast!
Other components: 
Encore N300 PCI-E 1x WiFi adaptor
Logitech K400 + Logitech G15 Backlit Gaming Keyboard
Vivitar HD Optics Bamboo Mouse
2x XBOX 360 (Noir) Wired Controllers
4x XBOX 360 (Multi Color LED) Wired Controllers
2x XBOX 360 (Noir) Wireless Controllers
2x XBOX One Wireless Controllers
Act Labs-ArcadeREX 10 button (10x Autofire) GamePad
Cooler Master Mega Flow 200mm silent fan
Klipsch-THX Promedia 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers (@400 Watts combined)
Antec Formula 7 Diamond Thermal Compound (GPU & CPU)
Fractal Design Silent Series R2 120mm
This is my last custom build, which was completed early 2013. My goal was to build an unorthodox system, inside and out, knowing there would be no mod's (maximus unorthodoximus) and to have a semi open test bench/service station for friends and family's computers. Inside, it is AMD based, outside it's a test bench/multimedia centerpiece that does not conform to the traditional PC image. It is powerful enough to do anything I need it to do, even without overclocking. Finally, after several years of custom building professionally (avec Velocity Micro here in RVA), my personal touch was implemented through the best wiring job you could possibly pull off given the equipment used. There are longer cables, higher standoffs, etc, etc that could be used to make the wiring better, but again, the goal was to keep it simple and work with what came out the box. Hope you enjoy~