mid/high endish

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mid/high endish
Last Updated: October 17, 2020 - 12:32pm
System information
r5 1600 af 4.1ghz 1.27V llc4
Video card(s): 
2070S FTW3 ULTRA +
3466 cl16 HyperX (oc toi 3800 cl19)
win 10 pro
MSI x570 mpg gaming wifi edge & msi b450I gaming plus ac
Hard drive(s): 
AData 8200 pro 2TB for games
(boot) wdblue 500gb ssd 2.5inch
wdblue 500gb ssd for more games
Media drive(s): 
2x1tb wdblue 6gbs 7200rpm
Viewsonic VX2458-C-mhd 144hz freesync (modified timings for gsync NO FLICKERS)
enermax ADV
Power supply: 
seasonic 1000wat focus + gold
Cooling system: 
ek D-RGB 240mm aio (push pull vardars)
Other components: 
9 120mm fans total+ 140mm exhaust
started out as a prebuilt with a 2400g in an hp 690-0013w removed the ram and cpu and went to a b450I gaming plus ac mb from msi got a few upgrades here and there, ended up with a zotac amp 1060 6gb, traded that for this 1600af cpu, and got a 5700 ddultra, that kept crashing so i traded it off for a strix 1080 and a b450 prime plus, traded the gpu for the msi mpg gaming wifi edge board and got around 150.00 u.s.d. to boot, bought a 2070 Super FTW 3 ULTRA before hand tho so i already had a better graphics card..somewhat lol. i now have a overpriced pc i built which i love but i wished i would have went with a different case as this things a monster. PRETTY but a monster.