My Ultimate Pc

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Last Updated: November 9, 2013 - 6:09pm
System information
intel Core i-7 Black Edition (LTD)
Video card(s): 
Nvidia Geforce GTX 690 Ti boost x 2 SLi Conn.
Corsair Tuner 12gb x 4
Windows 7 Ultimate x64 bit
Asus Extreme Gaming Motherboard
Hard drive(s): 
Samsung HDD 2TB x 3
Media drive(s): 
inner USB 3.0 internal drive for recovery 100gb
Samsung LED SyncMaster S23B350 23"
Sound card: 
Sound Stream system for pc with Super Gaming Woofer
create by my owned
Power supply: 
Cooler Master BlackGold 1000w
Cooling system: 
Cooler Maser Big Flow x 2 ,small Flow x 2,Transformer 4 Cooling system, PC Mini Air-Conditioning,Cooler Master Water Cooler System Medium set.
Brand & model: 
HandMade By Me Adzmizad
Other components: 
Set by Dr.Dre headset and earset.Keyboard by Razer Marauder StarCraft 2, Logitech Mouse 1200DpiHighly Senses.
^_^' Guys, i made this special for my First Son,he give inovation for creating this little monster.i think this the best of gaming system i ever made, actually, made from plyplastic .design by me 150% handmade no special tools or equipment.just ordinary wood saw,iron saw,pencil,liquid adhesive,small bolt nut,screw,can spray.just like that.thank mega games cos adding my rig.thanks all.