ThE_MarD's PC Gaming Rig

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Last Updated: September 3, 2014 - 5:24pm
System information
Intel Core i7-3770k 3.4GHz Quad-Core @ 3.7GHz
Video card(s): 
EVGA GeForce GTX 680 2GB
EVGA GeForce GTX 680 2GB
Kingston 16GB (4 x 4GB) DDR3-2133
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 (OEM) (64-bit)
Linux Antergos 64bit
Linux Xubuntu 64bit
Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD7-B3 ATX LGA1155
Hard drive(s): 
(for World of Tanks lol) Crucial V4 64GB 2.5" SSD
(For Windows OS) Kingston SSDNow V+200 120GB 2.5" SSD
(For games & other storage) Seagate Barracuda Green 2TB 3.5" 5900RPM
(For Linux OS installs) Seagate Barracuda 500GB 3.5" 7200RPM
Media drive(s): 
Samsung SH-S223Q DVD/CD Writer
Asus VE278Q 27.0"
Sound card: 
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Recon 3D FATAL1TY Professional
NZXT Phantom 530 (Red) ATX Full Tower
Power supply: 
Corsair 850W ATX12V / EPS12V
Cooling system: 
Corsair H80 92.0 CFM Liquid
Other components: 
Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard
Logitech G400s Wired Optical
Antec Lansing 2.1 speakers (one of the older models from 2008.. not one of the crappy models that replaced it)
Sennheiser PC 350
BitFenix Spectre Pro LED 148.7 CFM 200mm
(Two of these) BitFenix BFF-LPRO-12025R-RP 56.2 CFM 120mm
(Two of these) BitFenix BFF-LPRO-14025R-RP 86.7 CFM 140mm
VisionTek Bigfoot Killer 2100 10/100/1000 Mbps PCI-Express x1
Heyyo, Here's my completed rig on pcpartpicker with approximate prices on parts that I bought used: NOTE! You can see above the PCI-E x1 extension cable I bought off eBay (w00t!) and how I used spare motherboard mounting brackets to space it out so I could make the KillerNic 2100 fit in my case without taking a hacksaw to that heatsink hahaha... win. :) CPU --- 5 / 5 --- Ever since Intel gave up on the Pentiums and the Pentium D and rebuilt their CPU under the Core architecture? Mindblowingly good. I've had the Core 2 E6600.. the Core 2 Quad Q6600... i7-920 and now this i7-3770k? WOW. Got it used off a bud hence the price. ;) CPU Cooler --- 5 / 5 --- Adjustable fan speeds and liquid cooling at a cost-effective price... awesome. The new H80i must be epic to be able to control via USB and software... but I'm still happy with the manually controlled one. :) Motherboard --- 3 / 5 --- Had to do a BIOS update borrowing a friend's 2nd generation i5 to version F10 before I could use my i7-3770k... the top PCI-E x1 port has a really annoyingly tall heatsink which prevented me from using my Visiontek KillerNic 2100 until I bought off eBay a PCI-E x1 extension cable (as pictured above) to make it work... it was a package deal I got off a bud hence the price. Memory --- 5 / 5 --- Kingston... how awesome you are. Runs great, has heat spreaders and work as advertised. Got it as a package deal off a bud. As you might have noticed... lots of my stuff is from a bud, lol, spare computer parts left over from his Dogecoin mining days. :P Storage --- 5 / 5 --- For each one I bought? I got the expected performance out of them for the prices. That Seagate Barracuda Green 2TB works surprisingly well despite only 5900RPM.. but the cache is 64MB. Maybe that's why she works good for such a discounted price. Videocard --- 5 / 5 --- Coming from my old GTX 480 SLI setup? These dual GTX 680's in SLI are AMAZING! A single GTX 680 performs at stock speeds almost as fast as dual 480s... that's an impressive performance leap with the Kelper Architecture. Kudos to nVidia for making such monsterous cards. Got these cheap off a bud for the pair after he started selling a bunch of AMD R9 cards and kept two himself heh. Case --- 5 / 5 --- This is the best case I've owned. Easy to work with, lots of modularity and fan options and is just plain beautiful. I'd rather have an all-aluminum build option but the plastic on this one feels durable and has a nice gloss finish. Good Job NZXT! Power Supply --- 5 / 5 --- Corsair delivers on their excellent price to performance for PSU's. I don't even consider any other brands other than maybe Cooler Max... this 850W 80+ Bronze PSU has handle my thirsty GTX 480 SLI setup in the past and still works great on my less thirsty GTX 680 SLI setup. Optical Drive --- 5 / 5 --- For the rare amount I used this DVD drive? It works. It burns images without issue using ImgBurn and plays movies on VideoLAN. :P Operating System --- 5 / 5 --- It seems Microsoft gets a miss on one generation of Windows and then Hits with the next... after the Miss that was Windows Vista? Windows 7 is not only a hit... it hits a home run out of the ballpark. The multi-tasking of Vista combined with the single program performance of XP is a dream come true. The interface is built for speed and efficiency and it delivers on that front as well. Unless Windows 9 and beyond sparkles and shines? I don't currently see a reason I'd consider anything else for the time being.... I do also dabble in Linux, but it's still far from my main operating system... the lack of proper Multi-GPU support from both AMD and nVidia means it's fun to mess with, but lets me down as soon as I try and use my GPU's. Monitor --- 5 / 5 --- Asus. It's been a trusted name in electronic hardware for a long time, and this monitor is a prime example why. It delivers a great visual experience for the price point... only downside? It is only a 60Hz monitor... but can't expect too much for the price point anyways without sacrificing screen size or image quality for less than $300. I got mine for less... once again, contacts. ;) Sound Card --- 4 / 5 --- I've used Soundblaster sound cards in my PC for a long time. Last time I tried using onboard HD Realtek? I was let down by the performance hits and the lower quality sound... getting the Recon 3D with the four "Soundcore" processors was awesome. Mine is the Recon 3D FATAL1TY edition that comes with the stereo microphone and paired with the Recon 3D has great noise cancellation. My friends get to hear me crystal clear and don't hear my speakers. Perfect.... the only reason it's not a 5 / 5? Creative Labs refuse to support Linux. Luckily there's a dedicated Linux community that got most of the sound card working by backwards engineering the Google Chrome Pixel drivers... by most? My front audio ports and front microphone ports don't work. Wired Network Adapter --- 2 / 5 --- It's a fantastic idea but not a plausible market as an expansion card. It has its own processor for computing the sound, allowing your CPU to focus on other tasks. It helps give you a minor performance boost... but? $20 network stack optimizing software such as PGWare's Throttle can achieve half the results this $100 card can do.... Bigfoot Networks (who were bought out by Qualcomm) even state they don't support Linux... Unfortunately, no Linux drivers exist for the Killer 2100. The card was designed to improve Windows networking performance, and those restrictions don't exist in Linux, so a driver was not created. I'm afraid driver creation has ceased for this product (bug-fix support still exists), so there likely won't be a Linux driver coming. Apologies for the inconvenience, Ethan Senior Support Engineer Qualcomm Atheros ref:_00D306grN._500a0h48HQ:ref Case Fan --- 5 / 5 --- BitFenix makes some fantastic fans. They look nice, they aren't extremely loud and were cost effective. Keyboard --- 5 / 5 --- Logitech G15 the best keyboard I've ever used since I haven't had the chance to try a G19s. It's backlit, the LCD is neat (totally unnecessary but neat) and I love the semi-mechanical feel to it. They layout is perfect too. I've had this keyboard for almost six years and it's still going strong unlike my previous Microsoft keyboards. Mouse --- 5 / 5 --- The Logitech G400s is my favorite optical mouse. It feels nice, the button placement is very similar to the awesome MX518 I bought for my sister and it has a nice balanced weight to it. I've owned in the past a Razer Deathadder (mouse-click failed after two years), Razer Lachesis (worst mouse ever made) and a Razer Deathadder 3500G where the mouse-click failed after two years as well. Razer makes some neat products... but wow, after trying these mice? I'll still with Logitech Keyboard and Mouse from now on. They have better warranty which also goes to show they know they sell a reliable product. Stay away from Razer Mice. Headphones --- 4 / 5 --- I've owned my Schenheiser PC 350 headset for well over 7 years and they've worked without issues. The only downside to them? Cheap glue to hold the chrome-painted swivel caps... all four have fallen off lol. Otherwise? Fantastic sound quality, good microphone and comfortable fit for hours of gaming with my buds. I tend to use them less these days though since I bought my Recon 3D soundcard with the stereo microphone that has perfect background noise cancellation.