Age of Conan - HD Trailer


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Funcom has announced a deal with nVidia which will see its upcoming Age of Conan MMO feature the latest in graphical quality, including DX10. To mark the deal and to give fans of Conan a glimpse of what to expect, Funcom and nVidia have released a high-definition trailer of the game.

Funcom is trying to ensure that Age of Conan becomes the most technologically advanced massively multiplayer online (MMO) game in development. Engineers from the two companies are already working closely together to achieve this ambitious goal, while preparing the game for DX10, Microsoft Windows Vista and the impressive new NVIDIA GeForce 8800 range of graphic cards.

As a part of the agreement 'Age of Conan' enters NVIDIA's 'The Way It's Meant To Be Played' program, which ensures smooth compatibility with NVIDIA products as well as engineering and marketing support. As the developer of a key MMO title in the program, Funcom has received extensive onsite aid ever since the first hand-built prototypes of the DX10 enabled graphics cards came around, all to give 'Age of Conan' players the best graphical experience possible.

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