Alpha Prime Meqon Physics Demo


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Black Element Software has released a video of its new FPS game Alpha Prime. The video shocases the physics demonstration in the game based on Meqon Game Dynamics, also known as the physics of choice for Duke Nukem Forever.

The video is quite impressive and demonstrates a gravity gun-like manipulation of a human body and of various other objects, a variety of explosions caused by a plasma/grenade launcher and overall havoc (note the C).

The game seems promising although there is a definite Doom 3 likeness, at least at the pre-alpha stage. Key characteristics of Alpha Prime include:

- 1st person shooter themed around a strong science fiction story

- Multiple robots with specific abilities and powerful weapons to utilize

- Arsenal of powerful weapons for the player to use, additional weaponry mounted on remotely controllable robots

- Fully interactive physical environment, breakable objects, rag doll effects

- 3d graphics engine making use of the state-of-the-art graphics technology.

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