Assassin's Creed 3 ‘GamesCom 2012 Naval Warfare Walkthrough’ Trailer


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In Assassin’s Creed III Connor will battle his enemies not only on land, but also on the high seas aboard his stalwart vessel, The Aquila. You’ll navigate tumultuous waters and command your own naval warship, sending enemies to their watery graves with cannons and an array of powerful naval weaponry. Or should you choose, ready a boarding party and take the fight to the enemy by battling hand-to-hand on the deck of their own ship.
As Connor, the most complex and technically advanced Assassin to date, you’ll move through the Assassin’s Creed aquatic world with remarkable precision and fluidity, enhanced by more than 1,000 new animations for Connor alone. What awaits is the most detailed and immersive open-sea combat ever experienced in an open world game.

In the video, you’ll see examples of the kind of breathtaking gameplay you can expect, including:
• Blowing ships to smithereens with a variety of cannons
• Awe-inspiring storms that can strike from a calm sea in moments
• The flurry of activity on the deck of the Aquila as the crew scrambles to battle stations
• Navigating towering waves capable of capsizing even Her Majesty’s finest ships of the line
• Hand-to-hand boarding action that pits you against battle-hardened sea dogs

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