Bill Gates Shot in MacArthur Park


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... and while many Americans seem willing to accept the "open-and-shut" official investigation of the events surrounding his murder on December 2, 1999, a growing a number of people are challenging these conclusions in public meetings, in the street and on the Web.
Soon after the murder, two Los Angeles residents formed a grassroots organization that would later gain the national spotlight as the leading effort to research the events that transpired in MacArthur Park that day: Citizens for Truth.

MacArthur Park, a new feature-length documentary film directed by Brian Flemming, examines the key questions that still remain about the Gates assassination and chronicles a year in the life of the organizers of Citizens for Truth as they deal with internal and external conflicts in their effort to discover the truth behind the last great crime of the 20th century.

An interesting premise for a movie and all in true Blair Witch style. Haxan Films, the producers of Blair Witch, have an advisory role in the project.

Very soon everyone will be given the chance to express their own theory about the tragic? events of December 2, 1999 on the producers site

Having researched the case extensively we can safely say that Bill had a few... enemies. The shooting could have been carried out by some Netscape executive, they are suicidal after all. Apple also features high on the suspect list, while some say that they saw a penguin running from the site. Another obvious theory involves some covert operation by a US government sanctioned organisation, Wesley Snipes has been sent to investigate.

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