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This is your first chance to enjoy the sensual feast offered by the game described by its developers, EAs Criterion, as gun-porn.
During E3 2005 and while other titles were attracting a lot of attention, one particular demonstration booth seemed to have an intoxicating effect on its visitors. People leaving Criterion's Black demo-booth could be seen staggering and mumbling various superlatives and expletives to themselves. Now you also get a chance to see why the game had such an effect on them.

Described as an Overt Ops game, Black sees the player, an elite operative, thrust with all-guns-blazing into an Eastern European looking urban environment. Full environmental destructibility, shattering glass and flying debris and a lot of dust make up one of the funnest and most hectic shooters to ever grace the PS2 and XBox consoles.

We have to raise the point however, that although the video looks good it is highly unlikely that it was produced using either a PS2 or XBox console. We hope that a PC version of Black will soon be revealed --the E3 demo was of the PS2 variety. It would be an unfortunate move by EA to restrict the game's potential by limiting to the two aging consoles.

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