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Warren Ellis, the popular comic book writer has begun blogging on the Castlevania: Dracula's Curse website about the writing process for the upcoming Castlevania direct-to-DVD film.

"This production blog was started as a way for all Castlevania fans to get a behind-the-scenes, inside look, at the production of the movie and to provide a forum for discussion about it. It is a place where you can have a dialogue amongst yourselves and also with the producers, writer, artists, director, etc. of the movie. We understand that you are passionate about Castlevania and want to hear your thoughts and opinions", states the blog.

Warren has started the blog by outlining the story: "The film is, of course, set in Wallachia in 1476. We've worked with Koji Igarashi to get the film solidly inside the Castlevania timeline, and he's approved everything I came up with, including some new embroidering to the timeline. To make it work as a film, I had to introduce new backstory, and I went through five drafts of the premise and three of the full outline to get the material where IGA wanted it. He remains absolutely passionate about Castlevania. After eight rewrites of pre-production material, I remain absolutely passionate about beating the crap out of IGA in a dark alleyway one day."

According to the production blog, Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse will be a Trilogy. Grant DaNasty will not appear in the first movie, and when he appears, he will be called Grant DiNesti.

Warren also tried to emphasize that the Castelvania film, although animated, "is not, as it were, for children"… " What does this mean in practise? Does this mean blood up the walls, people hitting each other with heavy sacks full of abortions, the leathery flap and unf of vampire skullfucking and seemingly unending scenes of tentacle rape?", he asked but he never answered.

You can read the frequently updated blog and participate in the discussions shaping the upcoming Castelvania movie by following the link in the downloads tab.

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