City of Heroes E3 Trailer


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Welcome to City of Heroes, the online world that's home to an entire universe of heroes. Here you and thousands of other players can take on the roles of super powered heroes, fight villains, and help create the story in a stunning, 3D graphical world.


Create Your Own Hero:
Choose from hundreds of different powers, skills, abilities, and items and design your own unique costume

Fight Evil!:
Confront super villains, aliens, madmen, criminals, and other fearsome foes. Take on personalized missions and rid the city of dozens of different evil organizations and hundreds of individual enemies.

Earn Power, Wealth, and Fame:
Bask in the spotlight and rake in the rewards as your powers and fame grow with each successful mission and every defeated foe.

Form Your Own League of Heroes:
Band together with other players to fight evil, build your own secret headquarters and become the premiere hero group in the city.

Experience the City:
Explore the skyscrapers, slums, sewers and streets of Paragon City, a sprawling online metropolis that offers unlimited adventure and countless surprises.

Live the Story:
Become an integral part of twenty different ongoing story arcs as the villain groups menace Paragon City and react to player victories and defeats.

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