Command & Conquer ‘Welcome Back, General’ E3 2013 Trailer


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Introducing Generals for the new Command & Conquer, in the official E3 2013 gameplay trailer. Experience more control than ever, as you choose from dozens of Generals to play as -- and against! From unique units to player powers to personalities -- now you can conquer on your terms -- all powered by Frostbite™ technology.

The best-selling Real-Time Strategy franchise of all time is back and at your service, with the fast-paced tactical action that set the standard for strategy gaming. Command massive armies like never before, powered by the best-in-class Frostbite™ engine with cutting-edge visuals, dynamic destruction and immersive realism.

Conquer your enemies on ever-evolving battlefields with our free live service that gives you access to new content to truly play your way, with more game modes and customization than ever before. Choose your general, set your battle plan, and deploy your forces for explosive strategic warfare!

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