Crysis - 14 Minutes of In-Game Footage


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A new, 14 minute, gameplay trailer of in-game Crysis footage has surfaced on YouTube and it is so impressive that you might watch it more than once.

The video was taken by a handheld camera during E3 2006 and features Michael Khaimzon, Crytek Art Director, playing through some levels of the game. It quickly becomes obvious that Crysis is just as impressive as Far Cry was when it was released and Crytek's new engine brings gaming another giant step forward. The environments are completely destructible and their richness seems to make gaming harder, as is demonstrated in the video.

What is truly impressive about the footage is the final sequence that takes place on board a ship and features a large scale battle between an enormous alien machine, described as a tank by Khaimzon, and your character and his allies. The battle involves vehicles, aircraft and all sorts of missiles and freeze rays and is probably The Definition of cinematic next-generation gaming.

The game will feature DirectX 10 although it will also be playable on DX9 hardware and if you are concerned about the costs involved take courage from the news that since no DX10 hardware is available the footage you will watch was created using DX9 hardware running a DirectX 10 SDK (emulates DX10 effects on DX9 hardware). This was not just the case with Crysis as every game shown at E3 2006 that will utilize DX10 was demonstrated using a similar setup.

Follow the download tab above to view the full 14 minutes and 15 seconds of, good quality, footage.

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