Crysis GDC 2006 Movie - Update


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Now available, a full, step-by-step explanation fo the video by the developer. Shown at GDC 2006, this is the movie for Crysis - a next-generation project by CryTek, makers of the dazzling FPS Far Cry. This game is running on the new CryENGINE 2 technology.

Volumetric Clouds
Through an advanced Imposter Rendering Technique Crytek delivers volumetric cloud formations that are illuminated in real-time and allow soft fly-throughs. This allows for frantic action when you are fighting aliens in the sky. The clouds also cast realistic shadows on anything lying beneath them.

Real-time Ambient Maps
A first in lighting technology is a real-time implementation of indirect lighting that approximates ambient light intensity. This technology provides realistic ambient lighting. Using this technology Crysis will feature the most realistic lighting without compromising the real-time performance.

Depth of Field
A leak and bleeding free implementation of Depth of Field is shown to support focus changes. Crysis will feature this technology as part of their cinematic gameplay experience. Unfortunately we can not share any further information at the moment….stay tuned.

Motion Blur
The camera, as well as any object on screen, if moved too quickly features directional high quality motion blur. This feature provides a cinematic visual quality supporting what Crytek calls Video Realism.

Soft Shadows
All objects cast shadows that are pixel accurate and soft according to the sunlight diffusion; allowing for an unparalleled shadow rendering technology.

Sneak Peak Crysis
A sample combat implementation of a Next Gen Jungle Combat is shown, whilst this is only a part of Crysis, it showcases the leap forward in that area from that experienced in Far Cry. At the end of this video a massive enemy is shown that is definitely not of human nature, it is surrounded in fire, smoke and destruction. You can expect to see more about this enemy at E3.

You can see destructible vegetation, soft vegetation bending, high-dynamic range rendering, sub surface scattering and many more complementary technologies. This is a small part of the technology Crytek are introducing into Crysis. These features will truly make a next-gen experience for the PC gaming community!

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