Darkout Steam Launch Trailer


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Darkout is the 2D action-strategy survival sandbox from Allgraf, a UK-based indie studio teamed by 10 people from 7 different countries and working remotely. The game takes influences from movies like Aliens, Avatar, Pitch Black and games such as Terraria, Metroid and Age of Empires.

We started the development in June 2011, and the game has been in Open Beta since February 2013. Thanks to great community feedback and a talented team we have polished key aspects of the game for launch, including:
-HD graphics with an astounding lighting system.
-Character customization (armor and equipment).
-Discovery-based research system through a complex technologies tree.
-Dark versus Light combat mechanics and smart enemies AI (significantly improved).
-Deep storyline and mission-based system using relic portals you will find spread through the world.
-Male character.

...and a lot of implemented community suggestions still to come in future game patches and updates. Visit our forums to be part of the Darkout experience:

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