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Sammy Studios today released a new video trailer for its impressive Vampire Western first person shooter, Darkwatch.

The first images and in-game footage suggest a Painkiller-like experience with a western twist. The new trailer begins with half-vampire hero Jericho Cross' initiation as a Darkwatch Regulator, joining the ranks of the evil-hunting secret society. As an agent who wields advanced Darkwatch weaponry with gunslinger skill, and has his own arsenal of supernatural vampire abilities, Jericho becomes one of the organization's most lethal weapons.

The video showcases the originality, intensity and variety in Darkwatch, where classic weapons pack modern-day punch, characters offer a visual feast that blends Western and Vampire-Horror conventions, and environments depicting a nightmarish Wild West provide a cinematic backdrop. It also gives a glimpse of game play features such as horse-mounted gun fighting, fixed gun turrets and, revealed for the first time, the ability to wield dual weapons.

Darkwatch is slated for release on the Sony PlayStation 2 and Xbox in May 2005.

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