Dead To Rights 2 Trailer


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Namco released a new trailer from its upcoming third person action game for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, "Dead to Rights II." The game features fast paced and melee combat, a spherical slow motion attack system and an original collection of more than 25 deadly disarms, Dead to Rights II is planned for release this April.

The newly released trailer highlights the game's crime storyline and free-form combat system. Set before the events of the original Dead to Rights, Dead to Rights II sets the stage for the series' trademark crime drama as Grant City K-9 cop Jack Slate fights to discover the truth about the kidnapping of an important public official. Employing a massive arsenal of firearms and heavy artillery, bone-crushing hand-to-hand tactics, as well as real-time attacks from his K-9 cohort Shadow, Jack will need to utilize all his combat training and street savvy to survive the City's meanest neighborhoods and bring its toughest thugs to justice.

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