Dead Space 2 'Halloween' Trailer


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Dead Space 2 Wishes You a Happy Halloween

Does the trailer show new gameplay? No. Does it reveal more about the game's story through cut-scenes? No. Does it show cool new kill scenes? No. What it does show is Dead Space 2's Isaac Clarke wielding a large carving knife.

Aside from the carving knife, the trailer different is also live-action. Which would make sense, because it would be a little weird if the game already had pumpkin carving incorporated into it.

As players of the first Dead Space would know, the image carved into the pumpkin is a picture of the Red Marker -- the artifact that was responsible for the horror and chaos in the first game (as well as Isaac's partial lapse in sanity). For those who don't remember, Isaac left the Red Marker behind on the alien planet Aegis 7 -- after defeating the final boss charged with protecting it.

Obviously the image of the Marker on the pumpkin is a hint that Isaac's new journey for Dead Space 2 will involve a return of the marker. Speculation theories aside, it's a cool way to tell Dead Space fans to have a Happy Halloween.

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