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Deux Ex: Invisible War
Deux Ex: Invisible War
Deux Ex: Invisible War
Deux Ex: Invisible War
Deux Ex: Invisible War


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Fifteen years following the events depicted in the multi-award winning Deus Ex, the world is just beginning to recover from catastrophic depression.

As an elite anti-terrorist agent, you must fight numerous militant factions bent on violently reshaping the world to suit their own agendas. Using high-tech gadgetry and futuristic body modification (or biomods), you are granted near superhuman powers.

Travel the globe while uncovering fiendish plots of world domination. Unmask the conspirators, while uncovering the shocking truth behind your own origins.


· An action-packed first-person thriller with intense shooter and role-playing elements.

· True player choice provides the most advanced go-anywhere-do-anything freedom in a video game to date. This sandbox-shooter molds itself to the player's play-style and strategy - the real-time choice of violence, stealth, computer hacking or negotiation allow the player ultimate freedom of self expression.

· Countless tools and biomods enable the player to achieve objectives with dramatic flair - see through walls, run faster than cars, leap 40 ft in the air, regenerate critical body damage and become radar invisible to your foes.

· Sequel to the 35+ Game Of the Year award winning game Deus Ex.

· Invisible War is the most technologically advanced games developed yet, exploiting the technical manifest of the XBOX and pushes the envelope of the latest PC graphics cards.

· Benchmark Setting Graphics - a new benchmark in graphics quality for a video game, this game delivers the most realistic atmosphere and environments to date.

· State-of-the-art physics system, allowing for unprecedented interaction with objects in the world.

· Intense stealth gameplay, where darkness and sound affect enemy awareness.

· Artificial Intelligence - with an uncannily intuitive AI system, characters have a real awareness of the world that they populate and guard.

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