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The success of the Resident Evil movie, and to some extent that of the Tomb Raider movie, demonstrated that not all game-to-movie conversions had to follow the Final Fantasy road to bankrupcy. Whether Milla Jovovich and Angelina Jolie were the real reasons for the movies' success or not is still a subject open to discussion, but they did prove that it could be done. The movie industry did not need much encouragment and now a very large list of games is waiting to hit the silver screen. So if a Crazy Taxi film is in development, why not a Devil May Cry cinema port. In fact that is what game movies are slowly becoming, another version of the game.

The rights to produce the movie have been awarded to a Japanese company called Gaga Communications, which is also working on an Onimusha flick. The DMC movie won't even go into full production until 2005 - by which time, it is almost certain, a new Devil May Cry instalment will have been released.

The game does have the potential to become an interesting movie, after all Dante's one liners are the stuff Hollywood is made of. The question on which the success of the film may depend, is whether the movie-makers will be able to capture the unique atmosphere which has become the DMC trademark.

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