Doom Movie Goes to Universal


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The journeys of the Doom movie around Hollywood continue as Warner Bros. have allowed their rights to expire. Universal was quick to jump in and optioned Doom for producers Lorenzo di Bonaventura and writer/producer John Wells of ER and West Wing fame, with Enda McCallion attached to make his directorial debut.

The story of the Doom based movie is a long and confusing one. Initially the film was at both Columbia and Universal who owned but never developed the property. ID's deal with Warners put that studio under deadlines to get things done. The deal required WB to have a script by a certain date, get green lit by another and to start filming by a certain time. Since those conditions were not met, the rights immediately came back to iD.

The script, originated by Dave Callaham, is adapted from the plotline for the id Software and Activision video game Doom 3, slated for release July 15.

The story is set at a Mars space station, where an aerospace conglom is conducting secret experiments when something unleashes a demonic force that threatens to overtake the facility.

It seems that in this case the game will be released far ahead of the movie.

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