E3: Sadness - First Trailer


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Nibris, the polish studio behind the much talked about Sadness game, have released a live action trailer for the Wii exclusive title. The video includes some gameplay hints and suggests how the player may use the controller during the game.

Sadness will take place before 1914 (beginning of World War I), in the Ukraine. Adam Artur Antolski, screnwriter for the game explains why the Ukraine was chosen as a setting: Some time ago this land [Ukraine] was a border between the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Russian Empire and the Ottoman Empire. This is the reason for Ukraine to be some sort of melting pot of several different cultures of east and west. This internal pluralism results in totally unique country beliefs of the people from that part of the world.

While not much information is available on Sadness, Nibris has already confirmed that the game will be entirely in black & white and that it will be a survival/horror title with a twist.

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