Everquest 2 Trailer


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This is the second trailer for Everquest 2, and it shows off over 2 minutes of gameplay.


With over 4 years of Massively Multiplayer game development experience to draw from, the EverQuest II team will be introducing a myriad of new features never before seen in Massively Multiplayer games.
EverQuest II returns to the rich and culturally diverse world of Norrath. Users will be able to select from a wide variety of both new and old races, as well as an exciting new class system when creating their character. Significant improvements to combat, spell and quest mechanics promise to immerse players even more so than the original. In addition to the new mechanics, users will be able to own real estate, participate in and conduct gladiatorial and theatrical events, as well as have the ability to command horses, ships and other such modes of transport. At release, players will be able to equip thousands of items and encounter hundreds of unique creatures, all within a world so large that it literally eclipses the original Norrath in size.


-A brand new 3D engine which takes full advantage of a wide variety of recent technological advances in 3D hardware/software such as per pixel lighting, dynamic environment mapping, and a fully programmable surface shader system
-More intuitive gameplay features appeal to both new and seasoned players
-New branching class structure that players define as they advance through the game
-Vast world of Norrath revisits familiar locations and introduces a variety of newly discovered areas in the Age of Destiny, a time period in the future of the original EverQuest.
-Increased character customization capabilities allow players to customize characters' faces, hair, and body types to create truly unique avatars
Deeper character development offering pacing options that cater to game players new to the role-playing genre as well as experienced role-players
-Non-confrontational means of character advancement that include a completely new tradesman character class
-Mounts and vehicles that you can ride and control, including horses and boats, make traversing the massive world of Norrath faster than before
-Norrathian real estate for players to call their own
-All-new trade skill/crafting system
-Completely new and tactically rich combat, spell and skill systems
-A completely revised and enhanced quest system
-Dynamic world environment shaped by player events.

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