Fable E3 2003 Trailer


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Albion: a place of tranquility and peace, where only the brave venture far, afraid of the danger that lurks beneath. Civilization is under threat, vast lands tainted by an ancient evil; evil so destructive that no one dares speak up. You were born to take up the challenge. From the very beginning, your life will be one of choices. Live by the sword, or by sheer cunning. Choose the path of honor… or infamy, to become the most powerful of them all. Your face will be shaped by your paths, the future shaped by you.

The power to become a legend.

The land of Albion is a wild, beautiful place. There are bustling market towns where thieves lurk in every shadow. Woodcutters' encampments are nestled on the shores of forest lakes while strange sounds fill the night air. Brave fishermen live out their austere existence in coastal villages wracked by storms. Fur-hooded mountain children listen to tales of the demons that lurk in the darkness while wolves howl at the moon.

The people who live there are much like the people anywhere. They are thieves and gentlemen, assassins and clergymen, storekeepers and housewives.

One day, something comes along which changes their lives forever. You. You are born with the power of the Will. Albion will never be the same again.

Your family and pet dog are murdered. You are thrown out into the world with nothing but underwear on your body and blood in your veins. You go out to become whatever you wish.

Ego puts you in control of a hero, with a milestone idea of following his life from 17 years of age to 70 years or more. The idea is that you want to become a real hero, THE hero, a legend.

Create your life story from childhood to death

Grow from an inexperienced child

Into the most powerful being in the world

Choose the path of righteousness

Or dedicate your life to evil

Muscles expand with each feat of strength

And force of Will increases with each work of wit

Obesity follows gluttony

Skin tans with exposure to sunlight

And bleaches bone-white by moonlight

Earn scars in battle

And lines of experience with age

Each person you aid

Each flower you crush

Each creature you slay

Will change this world forever

Who will you be?

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