A Few Good G-Men


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An aspiring game developer has decided to use an odd way to try and convince prospective employers of his, obvious, skills.
Using the Half-Life 2 engine the voices of Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson and 2 months of his life, Mr. R. Glass has created a rather impressive remake of the now classic court room scene from A Few Good Men.

Whether you consider his work a stroke of genius or a futile exercise in demonstrating a lack of creativity, you will have to admit that now, having found out about it, you have to watch the video. If you don't choose to watch it you will have to accept that... You Can't Handle The Truth.

The high quality of the effort is the first and most obvious aspect of the movie but as its creator readily admits, There were a few glitches along the way... adding that the more observant of you ...may notice that there isn't hand animation in some shots. Clothing seems to be the other problem but Mr. Glass plans to address both issues in a future version of the movie.

For those of you wishing to recreate a scene from you favorite movie or, even better, create your own story, here is a brief description by the director of how the movie was made:

All of the camera cuts were done in the game (at least 15 point_viewcontrol entities). When you launched the level it went right into the movie and didn't stop until the end credits. I used Cannonfodder's tools to create the animations (with 3DS Max)

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