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Namco has released new screenshots and a trailer from Frame City Killer, its upcoming next-generation action game for the Xbox 360. The newly released assets highlight the game's non-linear gameplay in a massive urban environment and photorealistic images through the use of the Unreal Engine 3. Frame City Killer is planned for release on the Xbox 360 this holiday season.

To download the high-quality trailer follow the download tab above and to view all in-game images follow the screens tab.

Players take on the role of assassin Crow in Frame City Killer, scouring an east-Asian metropolis to find and bring to justice a new-age drug lord. As a highly trained professional killer, players will have access to a number of different methods of dispatching their enemies, including cutting-edge weaponry and deadly hand to hand strikes. Before moving in on a target, players will need to scan and plan their attack, gathering information about their victim and establishing the best form of attack. As a bustling urban center, players can utilize a large number of drivable vehicles to get around Frame City, taking advantage of the game's non-linear gameplay to create their own tactics for a successful hit.

Frame City Killer is the first Japanese-developed game to utilize the Unreal Engine 3, taking advantage of the full audiovisual power of the Xbox 360.

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