Gaming in 1984


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The Internet archive is hosting a movie of an episode of The Computer Chronicles, recorded on 28 February, 1984. The show offers a welcome, if slightly entertaining, glimpse into the world of computer gaming in early 1984.

The guests of the show are well-known names in the gaming world and two of them are former 3DO creators; Trip Hawkins (then of EA) and Bill Budge. Other guests include Chris Crawford from Atari and Steve Kitchen of Activision. Watch in amazement as these industry professionals discuss the amazing capacity of the 5.25" floppy disk and examine the graphical wonders of titles such as Pinball Construction Set, One on One, Space Shuttle, Excaliber and Larry Bird Basketball.

The value of this show is twofold as it also helped me understand exactly how well made the BBCs Look Around You show was. Another useful aspect is the handy tips on PC Talking you get from the Random Access feature which also mentions which is the best communication deal for the Radio Shack computer, but I will not spoil it for you all by revealing the tip.
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