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In our continuing coverage of The Godfather we have examined areas of the city in which the game takes place. The time has now come for us to focus on the shadier parts of the family business and we will begin by examining extortion and racketeering activities.

Two videos, one for each activity, are available by following the download tab above while we have a relevant Q&A with Michael Perry, Game Design Director in The Godfather.

Please tell us about the 'racket' system in The Godfather?
Although there are some legitimate businesses in the Godfather game, many of the businesses the player encounters are actually "fronts" for illegal rackets that are run by the Five Mafioso Families of New York. These rackets, which include money counterfeiting, gambling, weapons smuggling, and brothels serve as the financial backbone that keeps each family in power. Every racket is operated by a Racket Boss who gives part of his "take" to one of the Five Families for protection.

Why is it important to get the businesses and rackets under Corleone protection?
Having a racket under Corleone protection not only generates regular income for the player and the Corleone family, but it also siphons income away from the rival families. You'll need as much income as you can get to buy the weapon upgrades and explosives needed to take down the rival families. By extorting the Racket Bosses and taking over each business and racket in the game, you and the Corleone Family will eventually eliminate each of the rival families and take total control of New York City.

If I'm a low level thug looking to get my career started the right way, where would I start looking for potential business fronts and rackets to take down?
Businesses are everywhere in the neighborhoods of New York - just look for the neon signs. But read the streets before you go inside! Legitimate businesses might be protected by just one or two mobsters standing sentry by the front door, but rackets can have mobster protection everywhere, even were you least expect it. Check alleyways and alcoves first, and don't pull a gun unless you're ready to use it!

What areas/rackets should I avoid before I'm ready?
Midtown is controlled almost entirely by the ruthless and tough Barzini family. They'll feed a Corleone Enforcer to the fishes without breaking a sweat. It's best to focus on eliminating the Tattaglia family in Little Italy and Brooklyn before arming up and venturing in to the tougher neighborhoods.

Taking over a warehouse or hub is tough task. Any tips?
Although base-level firearms are readily available, a wise apprentice of Luca Brasi should seek out a Black Market Seller for an upgrade. Black Market Sellers hide in back-alleys and parks, and several of them sell powerful weapon upgrades… for a price. Take over enough businesses and rackets to earn enough money for a solid weapon upgrade before blasting your way through a warehouse.

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