Grand Theft Auto IV Trailer - Images


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Rockstar has released the first trailer for GTA IV, its first next-gen title which will grace the XBox 360 and PS3 consoles during fall 2007. The trailer includes in-engine footage and showcases the use of shadows in the game, possibly adding to the overall 24h effect of the game.

From the trailer it is obvious that GTA IV will be based in new York and that it is likely to feature an Eastern European immigrant, most likely Russian, making his way in the Big Apple's underworld. Rockstar has kept silent following the release oif the trailer and has refused to comment on the game, its setting and the recent rumors that the PS3 version will feature a considerable amount of additional gameplay.

Until October 2007 however, there is plenty of time for us to begin to unravel the mystery that is GTA IV.

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