Guild Wars - Eye of the North Trailer


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In the face of Tyria's greatest challenges, heroes have arisen to thwart the forces of darkness. The Titans have been driven back to the demon realms, Shiro has been unmasked, and Abaddon has fallen.

Now a new darkness threatens Tyria. Great earthquakes wrack the lands, opening huge underground complexes beneath the earth. Boiling up from that darkness, an ancient enemy may spell the end of the Age of Man...

Guild Wars players will soon be able to embark on a journey that will take their existing characters into the treacherous reaches north of the Shiverpeak Mountains. There, they must stand side-by-side with both friends and enemies from the past, recruit new allies and heroes, and delve deep into perilous dungeons to face an ancient evil. The fate of the world hangs in the balance. One thing is certain; at the end of this battle, nothing will remain the same.

Guild Wars: Eye of the North Features

* Tons of new content designed exclusively for your existing Guild Wars characters
* 18 huge, multi-level dungeons to explore
* Monuments of your Guild Wars achievements that give access to special items and titles in Guild Wars 2
* 150 new skills (50 of which are special, roleplaying-only skills) to use against your foes
* 10 new Heroes to help you in your adventures
* 40 new armor sets suitable for the great heroes of the land
* A first look at three of the exciting new playable races in Guild Wars 2
* Numerous new items, weapons, and titles to attain

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