Half-Life 2 Trap Town Movie


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This is the fourth video for Half Life 2, which shows over three minutes of gameplay from Half Life 2.

Game Description:

The sequel to Half-Life, one of the most popular action games, will feature the return of former Black Mesa research associate Gordon Freeman. In Half-Life 2, Freeman can expect to encounter several characters from the previous game, including Barney the security guard and the mysterious G-man, for whom Freeman now works. Freeman will also meet a new female character, Alyx, whose mother was killed during the events of the original game.


*Character AI interactions change with context. Guards in a prison can use flanking maneuvers and support tactics to take on an alien threat.

*Characters are powered by advanced skeletal animations and ragdoll physics, allowing them to be much more agile and negotiate more complex surroundings.

*Bullets leave their mark on the world, objects, characters - everything!

*The detailed particle system allows for dynamic smoke, fire and other effects filling every scene.

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