Halo 3 - Behind the Scenes Video


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Bungie has released a short, behind the scenes documentary about the Halo 3 teaser that was unveiled during the Microsoft press event at E3 2006. The video includes some footage that didn't make the cut for the teaser and Bungie claims there are even some hints in there about the game. An HD version of the movie will also appear on XBox Live Marketplace within 1-2 weeks.

In this fascinating short, you'll see some of the teamwork, thought processes and imagination that went into this Halo 3 teaser. You'll see the actual orchestra and choir session, some of the in-studio production work and interviews with some of the key folks who worked on the E3 presentation.

But you will see some footage from the trailer that didn't make the cut, and you'll see angles and views from the realtime footage that we kept for this piece. And if you look very, very carefully, you'll see hints of things to come. Nothing too dramatic, but the fans will spot stuff, of that we're certain.

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