Halo Director - First Candidate Revealed


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The first name in what we expect will be a long list of candidates to direct the Halo movie, has been revealed today. The name is not one which will inspire awe or make Halo fans breath a sigh of relief but then again, it's not Uwe.

Now that Peter Jackson has started doing the King-Kong rounds, every movie reporter will have some Halo related question or other for the portly director. During such a junket in New York yesterday, the press attending the event got worked up about what appeared to be a leaked, off the record, comment made by Mr. Jackson. The first scale of the story had to do with Peter Jackson's firm denial of any plans to direct the movie himself, the second part mentioned that talks with Mexican director, Guillermo Del Toro, were at an advanced stage.

Guillermo Del Toro is probably best known for directing Hellboy and Blade 2 although he has also helmed Mimic. According to the rumor then Mr. Del Toro is currently in negotiations regarding the job of director in the Halo movie with his involvement in Hellboy 2, currently in pre-production, being the greatest obstacle.

Most Halo fans will not be quite sure what to make of that name although many will have a bitter-sweet taste at the mention of Hellboy. MegaGames has dug up all the info on Guillermo Del Toro and can mention that the Latino director enjoys filming large-scale underground scenes such as those based in the subway (Mimic and Hellboy) and in sewers (Blade 2). He is also a fan of the color amber which he tends to incorporate into his movies as he has done with Hellboy and Blade 2.
Mr. Del Toro also frequently uses insects in his movies as well as many references to Catholicism and Christian imagery.
Finally and possibly more worryingly for Halo fans, the director has a weakness for actor Ron Perlman and fought the studios for seven years, they wanted a more commercial name, in order to get him cast as Hellboy. I could actually see that Ron Perlman as Master Chief may be one of the terms the director may be trying to work into the deal.

The movie press actually claims that the deal may be finalized and announced in the very near future so stay with MegaGames for updates.

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