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Halo: Combat Evolved
Halo: Combat Evolved


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It is official, there is a story doing the rounds that Hollywood is preparing a movie about the world of Halo. If a rumor hierarchy did exist, this particular one would be on its way to college to start a 3-year course to become a rumor but considering the current buzz around anything Halo, we just had to report on it.

The story does go into some detail however and if any of the names associated with the movie are correct then the chemistry sounds perfect for the job. Which Halo fan would say no to having Ridley Scott, (Blade Runner, Alien), direct, Ed Harris appear as Captain Keyes and Samuel L. Jackson as Captain Johnson. It appears that Bungie has been in talks with Warner Brothers regarding a movie but has insisted that it will only consider handing over the movie rights if the original Alien director and writer are involved, something which may throttle the project since Ridley Scott is not very easy to get.

According to insider information, appearing on ain't-it-cool-news, Scott has, apparently, been offered the script, storyboards etc. before and passed on doing a Halo movie but that was all before Halo 2 started breaking all sorts of sales records.

The idea of Ridley Scott directing a Halo movie seems the perfect match of high-tech effects with a traditional tense directing style and the thought of large epic-scale battles from the game appearing on the big screen under Scott's direction is definitely pleasing. It will be however, extremely disappointing if the entire project fails to take off due to one person's refusal. There is no doubt that Ridley Scott is the perfect man for the job but there has to be some other director who can handle the project; possibly a European movie directed by Mike Leigh so that we can discover the social aspects of Master Chief's career and the personal journey he has to take in order to reconcile his differences with his ageing and sick father.

Since everything is at the speculation stage for the time being, we will leave you with one thought of a Halo movie directed by Ridley Scott in which tense Black Hawk Down battles are followed by claustrophobic psychological tension in the style of Alien and where breathtaking photography is accompanied by epic orchestrated vibrant music as Hans Zimmer usually creates. Not bad is it?

Who would you like to see directing and starring in a Halo movie, which game do you believe is better suited to provide the story for the first movie, please share your thoughts and ideas in the user comments section.

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