Hawken ‘Mech Mechanics: Raider’ Trailer


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Adhesive Games' Cameron Kirby introduces you to the Raider, designed to close gaps quickly and unleash a devastating barrage of firepower at close range. Its signature Blitz special ability increases movement speed and allows both weapons to be fired while boosting forward.

We're proud to introduce the Raider: a lethal but swift medium class mech designed to rapidly close distances and destroy nearby enemies. Every Raider includes an EMP, three new weapons to choose from, and an exclusive special ability.

The Corsair-KLA, or as we like to call it, The Claw, is a unique dual mode weapon. Triggering its primary mode fires a powerful grenade at your target. Switching to the alternate mode transforms the claw into an airburst MIRV launcher, most effective at close range.

The stock equipped Reflak-35 is a repurposed mini-flak cannon for flexible, close range combat. It has a fast rate of fire and the ability to ricochet its projectiles off surfaces. When your enemies are obscured by the environment, the Reflak is uniquely capable of bending the battlefield to its will.

The T32-Bolt is available on the Raider as an unlockable weapon. This semi-automatic, quick-loading shotgun can be fired rapidly, or it can be charged to deliver a more powerful shot. Use a charged T32 with a MIRV salvo for a devastating one-two combo.

The EOC Repeater is the Raider's unlockable prestige weapon. This chargeable projectile launcher fires a string of explosive pucks that will stick to terrain or explode on contact with mechs. Skilled pilots can lock down areas by strategically placing pucks.

Though requiring strict precision, the EOC is capable of deadly burst damage.
The Raider's special ability is called Blitz. In addition to increasing the Raider's movement speed for a short time, Blitz also allows the Raider to fire while boosting forward. This is useful in many situations, such as racing to the aid of allies, ambushing enemies, or making a quick getaway. While extremely versatile, don't forget to watch your fuel gauge.

The EMP is the standard equipped offensive item on the Raider. When fired, the electromagnetic pulse will disable any weapon systems in the blast radius. This can drastically turn the tide in your favor, yielding a few precious seconds of uncontested firing. The EMP can also be used defensively to shut down attackers, giving you a chance to escape.

For a support item, we recommend the Radar Scrambler. While deployed, this item confuses nearby enemy radar systems. Use it to mask a hasty retreat, a tactical defense, or a well-coordinated Blitz assault.

The Raider excels at combat behind enemy lines, finishing off retreating mechs and hunting down snipers. On defense, work with a turreted Brawler around objectives like missiles silos or the AA and protect your teammate's flank to keep enemies at bay. Playing offensively, gauge your enemies and overtake them with Blitz when you have the upper hand. When a damaged enemy mech retreats behind cover, blitz-boost around the wall to catch it off-guard. Blitzing can also be an operative approach to flanking enemies. Work with Reapers, Berserkers, and other front line classes to continually push forward, never giving your opponents a moment's rest.

The Raider is a very effective duelist, combining the armor of a medium mech with the added speed of Blitz. Constantly be aware of your radar for multiple mechs battling in the distance. Once weakened targets are acquired, Blitz in and lay waste with your weapons. Like most mechs, the Raider excels when fighting from cover. Dodge out, unload with both weapons, and dodge back in. Try to use surrounding terrain to your advantage, and always look for the high ground as a tactical vantage point. Against light mechs, choose your shots carefully, as sometimes you'll only get a few. Against other medium mechs, activate Blitz to give yourself a speed advantage. When fighting a heavy mech, stay close and circle-strafe to consistently attack from the flank.

When in combat with Raiders, try to keep them at medium or long range where their weapons are leff effective. This will limit their damage output. Keep in mind the Raider's Blitz potential at any given moment. Try to get Raider pilots out into the open, away from tight alleys and cover. Lure Raiders into the crosshairs of your teammates for the most effective takedowns. Employ these strategies and you'll likely be tossing your hologram taunts onto your enemy's smoldering mech wreckage.

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