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Hidden and Dangerous 2 is a 3D tactical game, set in the times of the World War 2. It is the sequel to a very successful hit of the year 1999 - Hidden and Dangerous, that has made its way into the history of computer games development.

The player finds himself in the role of second lieutenant, Gary Bristol, who joins SOE. This organization is responsible for preparation of most special actions of the British Army. The story is very dramatic, and as it unfolds, Gary and his men become tough and experienced veterans. The higher Gary's star rises, the more the enemies focus their attention on him. The game is filled with fierce battles and chases, but there are also numerous secret missions - during which not a single shot may be fired. The player has at his disposal wide range of arsenal that consists of weapons and vehicles of all kinds.

The game takes place during the World War 2, in years 1941 - 1945

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