Hitman Blood Money Trailer


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"The first trailer of Hitman: Blood Money has just been released. We've had our share of waiting, but we're finally getting what we wanted: a beautiful, well-made trailer, which lets us peak at some ingame footage, rendered images, and the actual Hitman: Blood Money score by Jesper Kyd

The trailer shows of some ingame footage of 47 drugging an agent, real-time explosions, some SMG action, as well as our bald-headed hero jumping from balcony to balcony, and killing someone with a barbell. Knocking out NPC's, taking hostages, and the use of a bazooka (!) seem to be confirmed by this trailer. The suitcase has made a permanent comeback.

It is also remarkable that 47 might be 'followed' by some government agent, whose voice is heard in the trailer. He lets us know that he's been following Toby for years now, and that he has finally found where the trail has lead him.

The rendered video looks beautiful, and the gameplay seems exciting and very promising, since a lot of things, such as improved ragdolls, are hereby confirmed."

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