Honey I Killed the Geezer


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It may be only a few days that the wonderful Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit) has revived the entire adventure game genre but Heavy.com has been very quick in creating a machinima movie with it.

The end result carries the, rather surreal, description by the website suggesting it is the tale of how ...a serial killer with a serious case of I.B.S. and a Geezer with prostate problems talk about life, love and the pursuit of good digestion.

The movie is a rough first effort but it pokes fun at the game itself, for its long-drawn out cut scenes while it will also teach you quite a bit about the route chosen by brie through the intestine and some Tantra Yoga for the colon.
Honey I Killed the Geezer will be back again so expect a further, possibly more refined effort by the guys at heavy.com.

To view the movie follow the download tab above.

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