Horizons - Movie 6


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This is the latest movie for Horizons, which is an upcoming upcoming MMORPG by Artifact Entertainment.
The movie is a Windows Media Video, and runs for 1 minute and 19 seconds.

Game Features:

Millions of customizations on features that include - armor, weapons, buildings, towns, land, character size and shape, hair, and skin

Layered clothing and armor to create millions of unique appearance combinations

Trade skills ranging from weapons and armor to construction of cities, large defensive towers and transportation devices including portals to the far reaches of the world

Open-ended school based skill system allowing players to start in one of the basic schools and advance into the many prestigious professions of the land with the freedom to switch between professions at any time

Build cities and towns in the new frontier, customizing each land as the players choose

Advanced community tools, allowing complete management of player guilds/associations/towns including in-game/out-of-game mail and broadcast features, and a host of group management tools

Cinematic combat and magic displaying excellent visual indicators of your blows, dodges, blocks and spells
Advanced AI system that allows for dynamic NPC interaction with the world and players
Intuitive and customizable interface with hundreds of options to customize your game experience

Dynamic world, cataclysmic events, ethereal creations, hordes of invading creatures, all changing the appearance and function of the world in real-time

Dynamic Quest engine allowing players to gain knowledge and skill of the world or to chase the ultimate dream of acquiring land, riches, equipment and fame of epic proportions

Flying Playable Characters - including "Dragons"

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