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Codemasters has released a teaser trailer for its LMA Manager console Soccer management game, coming this fall.

LMA Manager 2006 will introduce greater depth with a realistic Transfer Market system. As the core element of any football management game, the brand new Transfer Market AI enables more complex contract negotiations, greater personality from individual mangers, and advanced decision-making by players. No more straight "Yes" or "No" to transfer offers, you can go deep into negotiations discussing contract clauses, staggered payment options, player-swap deals, and transfers in advance.

LMA Manager 2006's 3D match will bring players to life with more emotional animations, including shouting, frustration, jostling, and (ahem) gesturing.

Star players will also have individual skills and tricks such as overhead kicks, spins, and turns and, for the first time, managers can be seen taking charge from the dugout and they're armed with a range of new tactics and more complex dugout shouts.

We're squeezing as much as possible from the PlayStation 2 and Xbox for LMA Manager 2006 to facilitate the new Transfer Market system and we're making some radical changes to the player training system explains John Jennings, the game's producer.

There's a complete overhaul for the visual presentation using a fresh contemporary design and the 3D match is also getting more animations and a refined AI system. We've got a prototype of the new 3D engine running now and it's shaping up impressively.

The 3D match pretty much defines what LMA Manager is all about - letting the manager make his decisions based on what he sees players actually doing or gets told about them by his staff, rather than continually looking at a page of stats. We're looking to introduce this philosophy to our training section and other parts of the game too.

With more real football management at all levels - from grass roots, domestic, to European and with more teams to manage than ever before, including additional French and German leagues, LMA Manager 2006 is coming to PlayStation 2 and Xbox this October.

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