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The Lord of the Rings: Conquest i s based on The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, and uses a similar style to the Star Wars: Battlefront games. The game allows the player to play as both the forces of good and evil, but unlike The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth, the latter option is based around Sauron stopping the One Ring from being destroyed and fighting back.[2]

Game modes:


There will be both a Good and a Evil campaign, varying greatly in storyline.[1] The Good Campaign begins at the Battle of the Last Alliance as a training stage , and continues with loosely-based settings from the films, such as the Battle of Isengard as an Ent, Gandalf fighting Saruman at the Tower of Isengard, battling the Balrog in the Mines of Moria, battling the Nazgûl as Faramir while protecting Frodo, and fighting inside Minas Morgul.[1] The Evil Campaign begins immediately in an alternate universe, where the Nazgûl have just killed Frodo and stopped him from destroying the One Ring. Players will have the chance to fight as Oliphaunts at Minas Tirith, as Trolls at Helm's Deep, as the Balrog, as the Nazgûl against Aragorn at Weathertop, against the Shire, and lastly, as Sauron himself against Rivendell.[1]


Competitive multiplayer modes include conquest, capture the flag, hero deathmatch, which all come from the Battlefront engine, and also, Ring Bearer, where Frodo will take on the Ringwraiths.[1] Up to four players may play on one system, and up to sixteen online. Cooperative mode is available for up to four players both online and splitscreen.[1]

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