Max Payne Game Producer Bewildered By The Movie


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Max Payne movie might have number one at the box office, but it sure didn't score well with most critics; one of those critics turned out to be none other than Scott Miller, CEO of 3DRealms, the producer of the original Max Payne game.

"There are several fundamental story flaws... in the film that have me shaking my head in bewilderment,", he told Edge Online.

Before reading on, be warned that the following part is full of spoilers.

"A big problem with the film is that we do not really know what is driving Max until we see the flashback scene showing him coming home and finding his family murdered", Scott Miller complained. "In the game, we put this scene right at the front of the story for a reason!"

"Saving this scene until mid-film is a narrative blunder, because the audience needs to empathize with Max in order to like him and understand what drives him."

Another problem with the movie is the drug distributor Jack Lupino, whom the movie has him "lamely killed by one of the film's non-action characters," instead of being offed by Max Payne himself.

"The entire time we're told that this drug makes 1-in-100 people super-human, yet Lupino doesn't demonstrate this in the least. It should have taken a hail storm of bullets to bring him down, plus it should have been Max that kills him."

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