NBA Live 10 Sizzle Trailer


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NBA LIVE 10 introduces a myriad of gameplay improvements to the long running franchise. Computer controlled players will now move and react like their real life counterparts with enhanced player A.I. (artificial intelligence), and authentic, team-specific playbooks. In addition, all new dribbling, passing and shooting systems now give users more control over individual players than ever before seen in the franchise. Gamers can now control every movement as they break down a defender on the perimeter, drive to the basket, and finish at the basket using their left or right hand. From dishing no look passes to releasing a step back shot early or late to avoid a block from a defender, NBA LIVE 10 lets you to create highlight reel plays on your terms.

NBA LIVE 10 also features significant improvements in the franchises overall presentation. Arena specific lighting and crowd behaviors, signature pre-game rituals and celebrations, evolving storylines, and an all new broadcast package are just some of the many enhancements that will ensure that NBA LIVE 10 looks and sounds like a real life NBA game.

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