The Next Indiana Jones makes Sense


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After finding the Holy Grail you may have thought that Indiana Jones had done all there is to do. Well no such luck. Probably in pursuit of the Even Holier Grail or some other artifact Indy is bound to return to the screen by 2005.
George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford are attempting to make the big move. Negotiations have started with M. Night Shyamalan who wrote the script for the Sixth Sense and won an Oscar for it. Such a move can only mean that the next Indiana Jones installment might begin filming by 2002.
So will we worry about Indy all through the movie just to find out he is dead? Or will he have a kid sidekick who can directly ask King Solomon for directions to the temple?
One thing is certain, if Shyamalan got 10 million US$ for the sequel to Sixth Sense he will get much more for his upcoming project.

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