Of Orcs and Men ‘Summer’ Trailer


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Ha! War... this is nothing new around here. At first, it was about the coming of an Empire. All the human kingdoms on the Iserian continent, united under a single crown, and a single religion. And in both cases, I can tell you they weren't just playing around... but the end result was there: Damocles made humans his sword.

It was when the Emperor decided he wanted to extend his influence to the southern lands that sparks began to fly. Because, well, the "peoples of the south," to give you an idea, are 8 feet high, beast-like green creatures, all muscle and nerves, with a natural kind of talent for war and skull cracking. So it figures they resisted. Despite the siege of their villages, and the superior organization of the imperial army, the Orcs fought back with savage rage... and their victories were remembered for ages.

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