PES 2012 E3 2011 Trailer


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The focus this time around is on "the instinctive way the game can be played and on teamwork". The game's AI engine has undergone a "major" overhaul.
Attacking play is described as a "cornerstone" of the game. A more open approach allows players to "dictate the pace of movement".

Team mates will make runs and offer support in one-on-one situations. Players make dummy runs to draw defenders, too.

The idea is that the team works together as a more cohesive unit, reacting to the movements of the player with the ball, and working to force the opposing team into mistakes.

Zonal marking and positional defending are said to have been "massively enhanced", forcing players to work hard to create goal scoring opportunities.
There's a new cursor switching system, which lets players use the right analogue stick to switch to any player on the field. This can also be used during set pieces, such as corners and throw-ins.

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